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Hanna Mandel

Improving Health and Wellness with Promo

Health and wellness. Two topics that are infinitely important to every single person, yet not always thought about on a day to day basis. Health is defined as the state of complete well-being, while wellness is defined as the process…

Promo Items to Look Out for in 2024

New year, new products! Every year, a new trend pops up that we just can’t get enough of and in 2024 many hot new items are just asking to be personalized. Read on to learn about a few promo items…

How to Put Together an Onboarding Kit

​​Employee engagement starts the second a new employee walks in the door, so it’s important for companies to make a good impression on their first day! This is called onboarding. The onboarding process shouldn’t be and isn’t just about filling…


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