The Rise of a New Trend: Athleisure

POSTED March 8, 2022 IN
BY: Darine Garcia

When Covid hit the world, everything seemed to have changed. People started wearing masks, went outside less, started working from home, didn’t change their clothes for days, and so much more. The way everyone went about their day to day lives was unrecognizable. With all of the difficulties and hardships taking over everyday life, seeking out silver linings to the new world became incredibly important. One such silver lining happened to come in the form of clothing: athleisure to be specific.

In a time of significant change, comfort has become exceedingly important, and no other clothing is more comfortable than athleisure. Leggings, sweatpants, sweatshirts, sweaters– you name it– have all been growing in popularity to wear for reasons beyond exercise.  In fact, studies show that, as of June of 2020, more than forty percent of people between the ages of eighteen and fifty-four have purchased or planned to purchase some form of activewear since the pandemic began. Whether you wear your athleisure for comfort, to exercise in, or simply because it’s cold outside, the style options are vast, as the apparel industry grows and strives to meet consumer demands.

Whether you’re lying on your couch watching television, going out to get a cup of coffee, working at your desk for a conference meeting, going to school, activewear is likely to be one of the top choices of clothing for you. As a matter of fact, about a fifth of the United States population wears athleisure for reasons beyond exercise and the numbers are continuing to grow as people adjust to the new normal. Casual and comfortable clothing are, for many, becoming the clothing of the future. Jeans,
while still very much a part of the present and future, are becoming something less desirable by many who are looking to be more comfortable. Nowadays, it would be nearly impossible to go on a walk and not see at least one person wearing either sweatpants, a pair of leggings, or a sweatshirt casually. 

Sweatshirts, especially, are well associated with having brands and logos which allow people to show off their favorite sports teams, brands, company taglines, messaging, and entertainment venues. With the increasing popularity of athleisure worn in everyday life, we here at Morgen Marketing are bringing to the forefront a beautiful, high quality, and unique design for your sweatshirts: embossing. The embossing process raises images from the flat piece of clothing, giving it an almost three-dimensional look. The difference between the two, however, is that embossing does not feel any different than the fabric itself.  Instead of having the beautiful stitching that embroidery provides, embossing, while still protruding, feels soft on the outside and no different than un-embossed apparel on the inside. Instead of seeing thread and potentially dealing with it coming loose, embossing is printed into your clothing itself, allowing for an easy, yet gorgeous piece of apparel.

With so many people still working from home, the new norm of having to show up on video always seems to pop up. Many people are still seemingly deliberating on what is and what isn’t appropriate to wear during those occasions. Do you take the time to change out of your comfortable sweatpants, t-shirt, and sweatshirt to put on whatever fits in line with the company dress code or do you take advantage of this new trend of fashion and wear company branded athletic apparel? Virtual video meetings provide an opportunity to showcase your brand front and center to your clients and customers, and feel united with your team and co-workers. Employees are at the heart of every company and if the time comes where an employee can be up to dress code and relaxed in their clothes at the same time, the Morgen Marketing team loves that! So, shine on under that selfie light in your logo-branded athleisure in comfort!

Morgen Marketing has a wide range of clothing options that are both comfortable and high quality. Whether you need a gift, want to implement a more casual dress code for your office, need corporate wear, or simply want to share some company pride, Morgen Marketing offers plenty of choices for you to choose from so you can sit back, get comfortable, and join in on the athleisure trend. 



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